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WEEK 2: Laser Engraving and Cutting Essentials - Basic Concepts 2-Day Course (July 23-24)

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TEC Summer Institute for Educators
2-Day Course (July 23-24)

Basic Concepts Course Description:  Laser Technology crosses many disciplines: Manufacturing, Graphics, Material Processing, CAD/CAM, Entrepreneurship, Art, etc. In addition to the above areas, time will be spent on Laser types, Laser properties, control software and image generation. Other covered topics will include power, speed, DPI, PPI, vector and raster laser variables. Attendees will experience the CO2 laser effect on various easily accessible materials for the classroom (i.e. paper, wood, metal, glass, cloth, plastics, etc.). Instructors will leave with a comprehensive procedural format to bring Laser Technology education to students. Lab Fee: FREE! TEC, Inc. is supplying complimentary laser material samples to attendees! If you have a special project, bring it along.

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