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WEEK 1: Welcome to 3D Printing 101!

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TEC Summer Institute for Educators
1-Day Course (July 16)

Prerequisite: Be ready to learn!

Have you ever wondered about 3D printing? Do you know what “slicing software” is, or what to use supports for? If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing or thinking about getting a desktop 3D printer for your school, library or business, this course is for you! Join us for an introduction to 3D printing, an overview of software used for 3D printing, and a hands-on look of how 3D printers actually “work.” Troubleshooting (and preventing!) some common issues will also be discussed.  After you take this course, you should have a basic knowledge of 3D printing hardware, materials and software. We will be working with several 3D printer brands and models; the course material covered applies to most popular 3D printer brands.  Each attendee will 3D print and take home a part! 

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