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WEEK 1: 3D Printing 201: Anatomy and Physiology!

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TEC Summer Institute for Educators
1-Day Course (July 17)

Prerequisite: 3D Printing 101 or some 3D printing knowledge/experience. 

From exporting and importing STLs, to slicing software and material, there are many factors to consider when 3D printing, and you need to think of them all for successful prints! If you have had some 3D printing exposure and are ready to expand your comfort zone, this course is for you! Join us to learn current industrial trends for designing a part for 3D printing, the powerful tools found in slicing software from pre-set material profiles to in-depth printer settings, what materials you should use for what and why, how certain 3D printer features affect usability and printability, plus extra “tid-bits” to help you make successful 3D prints! Troubleshooting some common issues will also be discussed.  We will be working with several 3D printer brands and models; the course material covered applies to most popular 3D printer brands.  Each attendee will 3D print and take home a part(s)! 

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