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WAZER Online Project-Based-Learning with Consumable Starter Material Pack

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Learning Labs, Inc. offers a series of project-based learning (PBL) resources to accompany the WAZER Desktop Waterjet. Users of all skill levels can learn by doing, using orientation materials and step-by-step projects.

Included Materials 
5 pieces of 12" x 12" of 1/8" steel
5 pieces of 12" x 12" of 1/4" aluminum
5 pieces of 12" x 12" of flooring tile

To complete all of the included projects you will need:
• WAZER system
• Water supply
• Computer
• SD card
• Abrasive material

Additional materials may be required for some projects. Projects outlined include:
• Picture Frame
• Hanging the Picture Frame
• Shark Silhouette
• Waterproof gloves
• Safety glasses
• Pliers
• Deburring tool or files
• Dead End Sign
• Lion Artwork
• US Flag
• Create Your Own Cut