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WAZER Desktop Waterjet Starter Bundle

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Desktop Waterjet
Part Number: 700-0011
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Able to cut through just about anything, the WAZER Desktop Waterjet is the first affordable, professional desktop waterjet powerhouse of it’s kind.

Unlike traditional waterjet systems, the WAZER Desktop Waterjet does not require significant infrastructure and high maintenance. Its compact design, affordable price and industrial capabilities make the WAZER an ideal professional subtractive manufacturing solution for secondary and post-secondary Engineering Labs, Metal Fabrication Labs, any Advanced Manufacturing program, maker spaces, and small businesses.

Includes WAZER Leg Stand Kit and the Start-Up Bundle. Free domestic shipping!

• Professional-grade, industrial capabilities
• Small footprint, compact and contained
• No special electrical or ventilation requirements
• Fully enclosed, will not run if the cover is open
• Unbeatable price tag!
• Very low maintenance costs
• Ask us about cost-saving bundles available!
• Can cut through a huge variety of materials including:

HDPE Aluminum  Neoprene Copper  Low carbon steel   Polycarbonate Glass

Stainless steel Titanium  Polyeurothane Tool steel  Marble Porcelain  Acrylic Ceramic

Silicone D2 tool steel       Carbon Fiber    ...and MORE!!

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