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SAMLabs STEAM Kit for 2-6 Students

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SAMLabs STEAM Kit for 2-6 Students
Part Number: 128-0001

 Exclusive bonus blocks not found in any other SAM Labs kit

 Compatible with LEGO and other readily-available classroom materials

 Can be used with all of SAM Labs curriculum aligned lesson plans

 Easy to integrate in the classroom with quick wireless setup

 Durable storage case made for the classroom


17 SAM Blocks: 2 SAM Buttons, 2 SAM RGB LED Lights, 1 SAM Heat Sensor, 1 SAM Proximity Sensor, 1 SAM Buzzer, 1 SAM Tilt, 1 SAM Light Sensor, 1 SAM Pressure Sensor, 2 SAM Sliders, 4 SAM DC Motors and 1 SAM Servo Motor.

Accessories: 4 Wheels, 2 Chassis, 2 Roller balls, 2 Controllers, 2 Gear wheels, 4 Large holders, 10 Small holders.

1 Getting started guide with lesson plans available for download.

Charging & connecting: 4 Bluetooth USB dongles, 2 Micro USB charging cables, 3 5-in-1 Micro USB charging cables.