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Mayku Formbox Vacuum Form Machine

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Your Price: $699.00
Part Number: 215-0001
Mayku Formbox Vacuum Form Machine is the perfect partner for your 3D printer!  3D Print one, mold 20 and start your production line in the classroom or home!
With every Mayku:
  • Free Lifetime Access: Free lifetime access to the Mayku Community Library, a resource of projects to make with your FormBox, share your creations and discuss ideas.
  • Maker Accessories: Your first FormBox maker projects, with pre-made shapes and materials to get you started, including a smartphone nightstand and candle holder.
  • Extra Sheets & Materials: 30 sheets of molding materials to create your own designs right away and 500g of casting material so you can start molding right out of the box.

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