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Introduction to Residential Design 11th Edition Using Envisioneer V14

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Introduction to Residential Design with Envisioneer
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Introduction to Residential Design with Envisioneer Textbook

This textbook is designed for students to learn the concepts of architectural design in a format involving core design
concepts coupled with hands on projects with the software. Students will work on a project throughout the text in Envisioneer, applying
the specific concepts to a drawing after learning about the details behind the concept. With ample illustrations, screen captures and specific
instructions, students will have immediate success in applying their learning. Each chapter includes chapter objectives, chapter reviews and
suggestions for additional activities for the students. The text covers residential design concepts including:
• spatial planning • materials and methods • interior design • working drawings • overview of the Envisioneer software • creating presentation
drawings • annotating drawings • line work
8.5 x 11" 191 pages.

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