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BOFA AD Oracle Pre Filter

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BOFA AD Oracle Pre Filter (BOFA Part Number A1030156) for BOFA AD Oracle, AD Oracle IQ, and Base 1 Fume Extraction Systems
Part Number: 560-0332

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Pre filters

The pre filter is designed as a barrier, to capture the larger dust and particulate, protecting the HEPA filter from premature blocking.

BOFA offers a range of pre filters, all designed for different applications and processes, depending on the amount of dust being extracted.

The efficiency of the pre filter is directly related to the life of the HEPA in that the more particulates captured in it, the less can pass through and prematurely block the HEPA. Most pre filters have an efficiency grading of F5 - F7.

What separates BOFA from our competitors

We are recognized as the market leader, delivering great value, high quality products. Many years of designing and manufacturing fume extraction and filtration systems for a wide range of industries has given BOFA the experience and expertise to ensure that our product solutions are the best on the market. We have applied out in-depth understanding of industrial processes and applications into the design and manufacture of our products.